Exploration into the Need, Want & Use of Things.
An exhibition by James Gibson.

at rofmia
Apr. 13sat—21sun, 2019

「必要なもの  欲しいもの  使うもの」この三つの関係性について、ジェームス ギブソン氏と共に考えるイベントです。あなたがものに手を伸ばす時、何を感じてそうしているのでしょうか?何が必要なのか、何が欲しいのか、なぜそれらを使うのか。これらを考えることは、あなた自身をより深く知るきっかけになるかもしれません。

The things I need, the things I want and the things I use.

I need the things I need, without then I can not live.
I don't need the things I want and can live without them.
The things I use, I need to live, but don't want.

I want the things I want, sometimes for reasons inexplicable.





The ultimate act of freedom is to effectuate action on your world, simply for the joy of doing so and for no external reasons. A lesson we learn at an early age, the pure act of creativity.

In an attempt to understand my relationship with the things I need, want and use, I will endeavour to make a collection of archetypes, exploring my emotional connection to each and every one. Some may seem to have a clear function, while with others, their purpose may feel ambiguous. Yet in all cases, it is an expression of joy.


私が「必要なもの 欲しいもの 使うもの」との関係を理解するために元型のコレクション作りに取り組み、それぞれの元型との感情的なつながりを探ります。これらのコレクションには、明確な機能を持っているものもあれば、目的が曖昧に感じられるものもあるでしょう。いずれにしても、これらを作ることすべて、私の喜びの表現です。

Location : rofmia
Address : 〒505-0042 岐阜県美濃加茂市太田本町2-8-9

会期 : 4月13日(土) – 4月21日(日) 2019
トークイベント : 4月13日(土) 17:00–19:00*
*トークイベント参加費¥2,500 定員25名 参加者には OWL × rofmia レザーランニングウォレットを差し上げます。

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4月13日–14日 10:00–17:00
4月15日–4月21日 13:00–18:00

About James
I am a designer, photographer and writer, who loves hiking, tent sauna parties and exploring new places. In the mid 1990's, camera in hand, I traveled between London, New York & Tokyo immersed in skateboarding culture. Since 2005, I live and work in Japan (Shiga-ken) and am an Associate Professor of Media Creation at IAMAS (Institute of Media Art and Science). Launching OKA SKATEBOARDS in 2012 and later producing •O•W•L• (Outdoors with Love) outdoor gear brand in 2015. In 2017 I built and curated the outdoor classroom One Tree Academy, where each year since we hold the Campfire Talk event. I have one email newsletter : Lost Again Club, eat a whole-foods, plant-based diet and practice yoga and meditation daily.